In this unique experience, you’ll learn the epic tale of the American buffalo in the comfort of our rustic, elegant event space. Hand-feed the herd from the back deck or the hay wagon. Visit our Hall of Fame where you’ll learn even more about the fine folks who saved the buffalo from extinction.

Stroll down the boardwalk past the Apothecary, the Saloon and the Bank where you can take a selfie inside the jail. Before you head home, you can browse our Trading Post for special mementos. 

Looking for rustic charm with a double-shot of elegance? You’re in the right place. Our massive stone fireplace and vintage chandeliers pair with rustic finishes to lend a boutique feel. We abandoned the cookie cutter when we developed our design so your photos will be as unique and memorable as your experience.

We take the pain out of planning memorable events. Include a Buffalo Encounter and your guests will thank you for new lifelong memories. We’re generous with our inclusions so you don’t face costly surprises. Relax and let your dreams unfold in our timeless setting.

guests feeding bison along fence and deck

Add our completely unique Buffalo Encounter to your itinerary. It’s a blend of old west history, up-close wildlife experience and shopping all rolled into one.

Take it over the top by adding a catered barbecue meal and live entertainment in our elegant, western event space. 

Your travelers will leave with new lifelong memories and they’ll have you to thank!​

We’re located on US 60, just 5 minutes from downtown Pawhuska, 1 hour from Tulsa and 45 minutes from Ponca City. Click the button below for details.

What Guests Are Saying


I very much enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to bring my grandkids here!

Batesville, AR USA

Great visit! Still taking in all of the knowledge I learned about these bison!

P. Andrews
Pawhuska, OK USA

I enjoyed learning about the early conservation history. This was a wonderful experience. 

Dayton, OH

Meet Woody

Woody earned his moniker from child-sized guests who
learned he was half Canadian Woods Bison. He’s the friendliest buffalo
we’ve ever had. So friendly, that he’s the star of the show around here.

He’s usually the first one to the fence when he sees people
outside. If you’re carrying a bucket or bag, he’ll follow you anywhere.
His leadership skills are second to none. Where Woody goes, the
rest of the herd follows.

You can cyber stalk him without any guilt because he LOVES
attention. Here’s part of a transcript from an interview I did with
Woody so folks could get to know him better.

How It Began

People often ask how we started raising bison. Funny story! We were suburbanites and our kids wanted horses. While searching for a horse property, we fell down the proverbial rabbit hole and wound up with bison. Since then, life has been an  adventure. We want to share our adventure with you.

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