buffalo treats old west buffalo co
Neil passing out pails full of treats for the buffalo before guests board the hay wagon.

Neil had the pleasure of joining Mike Hearn on his This Is Oklahoma podcast. Mike is from across the pond — no, not the one in our pasture — that big one off the east coast. He emigrated from Wales in 2011 and is now a resident of our fine state. Mike’s podcast tells the stories of Oklahoma folks. Click here to learn more about his podcast.

Neil and Mike chatted about our love for Oklahoma and Pawhuska in particular. It’s a perfect fit for us since we are enamored of the history of the American West. 

The podcast delves into our story — what drew us to the Pawhuska area and how a couple of Denver area suburbanites with zero experience in agriculture came to own buffalo. We didn’t even know about Pawhuska before June of 2020! 

We’re grateful to our friends at Oklahoma Agritourism for connecting us with Mike!

We think you’ll enjoy learning about what you’ll experience here as well as some of our backstory. Listen to the full podcast here.